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China bucket tooth pin manufacturer said that the teeth should be maintained like this

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  China bucket tooth pin manufacturer recommends that the user spend 2 minutes a day checking the bucket during the daily maintenance work of the excavator. The main inspection contents are: the bucket body is worn and cracked. If the degree of wear is serious, reinforcement should be considered. As for the crack of the bucket body, it should be repaired in time to avoid the length of the crack due to delayed maintenance, resulting in unmaintainable conditions. In addition, the bucket teeth should be kicked with the foot to check whether the teeth are stable. If the teeth are loose, they should be tightened immediately.

bucket tooth pin

  China bucket tooth pin manufacturer tells the user to change the position after the tooth wears. It has been proved that the excavator driver's driving method is also critical to improve the utilization of the tooth during the use of the excavator tooth. The excavator driver is When lifting the boom, try not to collect the bucket. If the driver lifts the boom while lifting the bucket, the bucket will receive an upward traction force, causing the bucket to tear from the top, thereby tearing the bucket. This operation must pay special attention to the coordination of the action.

  China bucket tooth pin manufacturer tells the excavator driver that the angle of operation during excavation should be mastered when digging as much as possible. The digging is perpendicular to the working surface when digging, or the camber angle is not more than 120 degrees to avoid smashing the bucket due to excessive dip angle. tooth. Also be careful not to swing the digging arm to the left or right with greater resistance.

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