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Caterpillar bucket teeth pins manufacturer teaches users to identify common consumables

hits:2099    date:2019-10-08

  Caterpillar bucket teeth pins manufacturer tells you that in the operation of the excavator, the use of pure components can not only reduce the operating costs of the whole machine, but also prolong the service life and ultimately protect the vital interests of consumers. In order to prevent consumers from misusing non-genuine products and causing injuries, I will introduce the authenticity of the three filters, teeth and injectors that are often used in equipment operation.

bucket tooth pin

  First, the Caterpillar bucket teeth pins manufacturer introduces the appearance of the air filter and the appearance of counterfeit goods. First, the outer wire mesh of the original product has a uniform hole pitch and is covered with a red antirust paint. Counterfeit goods are often just ordinary steel mesh, and the steel plate holes are sparse and there are broken holes. Second, the joint of the inner steel wire mesh of the original product has a very uniform welding surface; while most of the counterfeit products are spot welded, the overlapping steel mesh is long and the one side is lifted. Counterfeit air filter only imitates the geometric size and appearance of the real product, and can not meet the engineering specifications of the filter at all, and the filtering effect is greatly reduced.

  Caterpillar bucket teeth pins the final point that the manufacturer needs to introduce is that the color of the filter paper of the authentic product is milky white, the paper is fine, the upper and lower lines are neatly arranged, and there is no deformation; the color of the counterfeit filter paper is sulfur color or other colors, the paper is rough, and the upper and lower lines are assembled. The condition is limited, the filter paper is squeezed, and the lines are curved. Poor filter paper holding capacity is too high, which will cause more impurities to enter the engine system, causing the engine to overhaul in advance.

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