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Buy bucket teeth pins and other accessories need to identify the authenticity

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  Accessories such as bucket teeth pins are divided into original parts, supporting parts and auxiliary parts. The main parts factory purchases from the supporting production factory and sells them as after-sales repair parts. The quality is guaranteed, but the price is expensive. The original supporting production parts of the mainframe are OEM parts, and the original parts are from one family. The quality is the same, only the packaging is different, but the price is lower than the pure parts.

bucket tooth pin

  For the accessories like bucket teeth pins, whether you should choose the original factory or the sub-factory, users can say that there are different opinions, and some users suggest the use of pure original parts, so as to protect the machine to the greatest extent. In fact, the identification of authenticity can be judged from the price, usually the price of fake goods is only a fraction of the real goods. If you find that the price of the product is very different from the normal price when you buy the accessories, you should be vigilant. In addition, if there is a business saying that it does not include taxes and "parallel imports", it is often an excuse to cover up fake and shoddy products and attract people at low prices.

  According to the packaging for identification, the packaging of professional accessory parts like bucket teeth pins is beautifully made, and the colors, patterns and styles have certain rules, which are generally difficult to imitate. Imitation packaging is rough and easier to distinguish. However, some imitations rely on modern and advanced printing technology to make the parts packaging very realistic. If they are not carefully identified, it is difficult to distinguish them.

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