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China bucket tooth pin manufacturer analyzes the effect of carbon on the tooth performance of high manganese steel

hits:2249    date:2019-09-20

  If you are a professional China bucket tooth pin manufacturer, you will have a good understanding of the products you produce, as well as a good understanding of the teeth. Because it manufactures more products, it is ultimately applied to the teeth, and ultimately to the teeth, so the specific requirements, installation and use of such accessories are necessarily related to the teeth.

bucket tooth pin

  The following China bucket tooth pin Manufacturer will give you a brief analysis of the impact of the collapse element on the performance of high manganese steel teeth. The main role of carbon in high-strength steel is to improve the work hardening ability, in order to improve the wear resistance of high manganese steel, so that the finished tooth has very good wear resistance and will not be easily used. The ground was damaged. After the carbon content exceeds 1%, for every 0.1% increase in carbon content, the wear resistance of the material can be increased by 5% to 10%. However, this does not mean that as long as the carbon content is increased, the wear resistance of the high manganese steel tooth can be improved, but there is a range of the carbon content of the material, which needs to be within the required range to ensure the bucket. The teeth have excellent wear resistance and also ensure that the impact toughness of the teeth is good enough.

  The above-mentioned effects on the performance of carbon on the teeth of high-manganese steel are not only known to the China bucket tooth pin manufacturers, but also to manufacturers who work on tooth production.

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