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Bucket tooth pin manufacturer remind users to ensure that the selected teeth have a higher yield strength

hits:2294    date:2019-09-18

  Bucket tooth pin manufacturer although the production of the tooth pin, but because the tooth pin is an important accessory used in the teeth of the excavator, optimizing the design and production of this accessory requires the manufacturer to have a full understanding of the specific requirements of the tooth. Therefore, for these manufacturers, they are also very familiar with the teeth, especially the use requirements of the teeth are very clear, and which will affect the application of the tooth pins.

bucket tooth pin

  Because of the very well-known relationship between the tooth pin and the tooth, bucket tooth pin manufacturer tends to remind the user to optimize the tooth selection, such as ensuring that the tooth used has a higher yield strength. There will be such a suggestion, mainly because after the force analysis, if the yield strength of the tooth is low, plastic deformation will occur at the tip, so that as the depth of the excavation increases, the force of the tooth will be somewhat The change will eventually increase the friction, bring a lot of adverse effects, and will have a bad influence on the use of the tooth pin.

  Therefore, whether to ensure that the teeth have a good application performance, or to optimize the use of the excavator, or to protect the tooth pin, bucket tooth pin manufacturer reminds the user to ensure that the selected tooth has a higher yield strength.

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