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Optimize wheel loader tooth pin functional performance to pay attention to improve the utilization of tooth

hits:2204    date:2019-09-15

  Since wheel loader tooth pin is an accessory used in the tooth, what kind of performance the device can achieve in use, it is bound to have a great connection with the tooth. Therefore, in order to ensure the application of the device to optimize, first of all, everyone needs to pay attention to optimize the use of the tooth, such as pay attention to improve the utilization of the tooth.

bucket tooth pin

  Because if the utilization rate of the tooth is high enough, then the use of wheel loader tooth pin is normal, normal use, to ensure the use and operation is correct, is the best protection for the device. It not only ensures the excellent performance of the device, but also reduces its adverse effects, thereby extending the life of the device and promoting its stable and reliable function.

  In order to optimize the application performance of wheel loader tooth pin by improving the utilization of the tooth, the most basic requirement is to pay more attention to the operation of the excavator. For example, the excavator driver is required to try not to collect the bucket when lifting the boom, because if the driver lifts the boom while lifting the bucket, the operation will cause the bucket to receive an upward traction. This will tear the tooth from the top, and eventually the tooth will be torn. Once the tooth is damaged, it is easy to get tired of the wheel loader tooth pin etc.

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