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With the different hardness of the digging object, the use life of the teeth pin is different

hits:3362    date:2015-11-02

  In the different working condition, the total use life of the teeth pin products would has a big difference at the same time, bucket tooth pin manufacturer said the main factor, which used to judge the working condition is the current hardness degree of the digger object.

  for example, the buckettooth pin manufacturer said if the hardness degree of the digging object is range from fourteen to eighteen and the dimension of materials are all bigger than five hundred kilograms, and the total working time of the cleaning foundation is only twenty percents to the whole working time, buckettooth pin manufacturer said the total use life of the teeth pin product would around fifteen days, and if the main raw material of the teeth pin product is high manganese steel, then the whole working outputs for per teeth pin product would be range from four tons to seven tons.

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