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Recommended for optimizing the tooth application komatsu bucket teeth pins

hits:2217    date:2019-09-04

  Komatsu bucket teeth pins is an important part of the tooth, and the tooth is a very important part of the whole excavator, and it is the direct function of the excavator. Whether the tooth can be used normally is directly related to whether the whole excavator is used normally. Such a fitting is naturally very important, and is related to the function of the entire excavator and the specific use effect.

bucket tooth pin

  In order to optimize the application of the tooth, it is recommended that you choose komatsu bucket teeth pins. It is important to know that the tooth is an important part of the excavator and also a wearing part. It is a combination of toothed teeth and tooth tips, which are connected by a pin. Since the tooth wear failure portion is the tooth tip, it is only necessary to replace the tooth tip. When an excavator is used in the open air, the teeth will fail early due to severe wear and will need to be replaced. At the same time, the tooth pin and other accessories on the tooth may also be damaged and need to be replaced. If you choose komatsu bucket teeth pins, it will be able to achieve reliable application because of the excellent quality of the accessory itself, and it can be used for a long time.

  That is to say, when komatsu bucket teeth pins is selected, it is possible to avoid the problem that the tooth is easily in the tooth pin portion, and it is often necessary to replace the tooth pin, which is advantageous for promoting the maintenance of the tooth state and ensuring that the tooth can function stably and reliably.

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