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In order to avoid bucket tooth pin easy failure manufacturers should pay attention to a good analysis

hits:2140    date:2019-09-03

  Bucket tooth pin is the possibility of failure. Once there is a problem with this device, the use of the tooth will be affected, which will affect the use of the entire excavator. Therefore, manufacturers are required to fully consider the failure problem when designing the device at the beginning, and pay attention to the multi-faceted analysis.

bucket tooth pin

  In order to avoid bucket tooth pin easy out of school, manufacturers need to pay attention to a variety of analysis to promote the design of the entire device. This so-called multi-faceted analysis mainly requires manufacturers to perform force analysis, metallographic testing, hardness testing, chemical composition analysis, and so on. By doing an analysis in these aspects, it is ensured that the design of the bucket tooth pin can meet the corresponding requirements in these aspects, there is no problem, otherwise even if there is a problem in one of the aspects, it is possible that one device will easily fail in use.

  Regarding the avoidance of bucket tooth pin easy failure, the manufacturer is reminded that when the device is oil quenched, the core portion cannot be hardened due to the low cooling rate, so that the final hardness will be low. This is because the strength of the device is insufficient and the carrying capacity is insufficient, resulting in easy failure in use.

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