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Track shoe bolt factory introduces the application of polyurethane track shoes

hits:3527    date:2019-09-02

  Track shoe bolt factory tells users that polyurethane track shoes use new and special polyurethane synthetic materials, which are different from other track shoes because it adds 30% polyurethane content to ensure some of the track shoes. performance. The track shoe design adopts a small angled bevel to avoid the breakage of the curb and improve the tensile strength. And the sloping work surface optimizes steering performance.

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  Track shoe bolt factory tells users that polyurethane track shoes also have high-tempering, omni-directional sandblasted boron steel base plate with good articulation performance, this material is clearly different from other track shoes. The rounded high-strength track shoe bolts of the polyurethane track shoes provide a long-lasting connection. In any harsh field environment, a constant driving force can always be reliably provided.

  Track shoe bolt factory tells the user that the tilting work surface of the polyurethane track shoe optimizes the steering performance. The increased polyurethane content in the polyurethane track shoe can extend the service life, which is the biggest difference between the polyurethane track shoes and other track shoes. The long service life naturally increases the cost performance of the product. More. When used, polyurethane track shoes have extremely high tensile strength and are also more durable and wear resistant.

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