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China bucket tooth pin manufacturer science shovel bucket abnormal sound

hits:2278    date:2019-08-31

  I believe that many excavator users have found that when the excavator is used, sometimes the bucket will produce abnormal noise, and not a professional person can not find the reason. In fact, the abnormal sound is related to the performance of the excavator. The China bucket tooth pin makers concluded that there are some reasons for the abnormal noise of the bucket.

bucket tooth pin

  China bucket tooth pin manufacturer tells the user that abnormal noise is related to engine speed, and the presence of most common abnormal noises in the engine depends on the engine's speed state. Abnormal noise is only present at idle or low speed operation. The reasons for the sounding are: the clearance between the piston and the cylinder wall is too large; the piston pin is too tightly assembled or the connecting rod bearing is too tightly fitted, the gap between the tappet and its pilot hole is too large, and the contour of the valve cam is worn. Sometimes, the start catches loose and the pulley sounds.

  China bucket tooth pin factory reminds the user that if it is found that the sound is disordered while maintaining a certain speed, a short sound will be emitted successively during the rapid deceleration. The reasons for the sounding are: the camshaft timing gear is broken or its fixing nut is loose; the crankshaft is broken; the piston pin bushing is loose; the camshaft axial clearance is too large or the bushing is loose. The abnormal sound occurs when the engine is suddenly accelerating, and the sound still exists when the high speed operation is maintained. The reasons for the sounding are: the looseness of the connecting rod bearing, the burning of the bearing bush or the rotation of the bearing; the crankshaft bearing loose or the bearing of the bearing; the piston pin is broken; the crankshaft is broken.

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