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voltage of the excavator bucket adaptorer is very small

hits:3160    date:2015-11-01

  Generally speaking, the alternating current, which voltage is two hundred and twenty volt it need to go though the high frequency potential transformer, so the finial voltage, which output from the excavator bucket adaptorer become very small, it only about five volt. In the normal condition, the biggest electric power pressure which can be safety suffer on human body is about thirty six volt, so above five volt output electric power would never produce any bad influences to the human body, so the excavator bucket adaptorer can be free to use.

  But if use the wrong operating way makes the excavator bucket adaptorer has the short circuit problem, or people has directly connect the two hundred and twenty volt high electric voltage to the excavator bucket adaptorer, then the electric road of the excavator bucket adaptorer would be fully burning damage, so to ensure the safety of human body, people should remember never use this adapter anymore.

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