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Bucket tooth pin introduction Why use hardened steel to reinforce the bucket

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  For the excavator, the quality of the bucket is very important, bucket tooth pin tell the user that the bucket reinforcement is generally better with the wear-resistant steel plate, the import effect is better. For example, Japan's JFE and Germany's Dillingen, the former is better for cost-effective, the latter highlights performance.

bucket tooth pin

  Bucket tooth pin tell the user, this is because wear-resistant steel is generally smelted in an electric furnace or converter, and the products are mostly cast. In recent years, hot-worked steel products such as forging and rolling are increasing. The production method of wear-resistant steel parts used in general machinery is no different from other workpieces, but differs in heat treatment or surface treatment process to meet the requirements of wear resistance. In addition to the number, shape and distribution of the second phase outside the base, it has an important influence on the wear resistance of the steel. This should be considered from the chemical composition design, smelting, hot working, heat treatment, etc. in order to improve from metallurgy. Wear resistance requirements.

  And wear generally occurs on the surface of the workpiece, so Bucket tooth pin thinks it is important to strengthen the surface of the workpiece. Steel surface strengthening technology has a long history. In recent decades, various surface strengthening technologies and equipment have developed rapidly. Taking necessary surface strengthening measures can not only save a lot of raw materials, but also give the surface layer of the workpiece. A variety of special, monolithic materials and structures that are difficult to obtain. This results in excellent wear resistance and great economic benefits.

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