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Liebherr excavator lock pins manufacturer science forklift construction

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  A forklift that can be put into use, its construction is the same, Liebherr excavator lock pins manufacturer tells the user that a forklift that is normally put into use generally has those structures. What kind of role these structures play on the shovel body, and what role each plays.

bucket tooth pin

  Liebherr excavator lock pins manufacturer 's first engine to be said is indispensable. There are three pumps on the torque converter. The working pump, the steering pump, the variable speed pump are also called the travel pump, and some models have a pilot pump on the steering pump. Working hydraulic circuit, hydraulic tank, working pump, multi-way valve, lift cylinder and tipping cylinder. Travel oil circuit: transmission oil sump oil, travel pump, all the way into the torque converter, all the way to the gear valve, the transmission clutch.

  The drive of the excavator is mainly driven by the drive shaft, the main differential and the wheel reducer. Liebherr excavator lock pins manufacturer tells the user that there are some special working devices for the forklift: increase the bucket: on the basis of the standard model configuration, increase the bucket capacity to improve work efficiency to meet the shovel loading of lighter weight materials. Rock King: Mainly for loading and unloading rock conditions, the bucket arm and support plate bucket of the bucket are reinforced, and equipped with a high wear-resistant sub-blade plate and high wear-resistant precision casting tooth, thus improving the entire bucket. Service life. High unloading, side unloading bucket, clamped wooden fork and quick change device: mainly for the working environment where there are many materials to be loaded and unloaded in the work site, the driver can quickly change the working device while sitting in the cab, easy to use and work efficiency high.

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