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Wheel loader tooth pin manufacturer Science and Technology

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  I know the excavator, and the person who specializes in the excavator is actually aware that the tooth is very important for the excavator, so people will pay more attention to the excavator when purchasing the excavator and using the excavator. The quality of the teeth. Wheel loader tooth pin manufacturer tells you that the quality of the excavator's teeth is directly linked to its raw materials.

bucket tooth pin

  Wheel loader tooth pin manufacturer tells you that because the tooth is an important consumable part on the excavator, similar to a human tooth, it is a combination of a tooth holder and a tooth tip, which are connected by a pin. Since the tooth wear failure portion is the tooth tip, it is only necessary to change the tip. However, the choice of raw materials directly affects the quality of the teeth.

  Wheel loader tooth pin manufacturer tells you the classification according to the environment in which the excavator teeth are used. Excavator tooth can be divided into rock, (for iron ore, stone mine, etc.. Earth tooth is used to excavate dirt, sand, etc., taper tooth is used for coal mine. According to the tooth tooth seat: excavator The tooth can be divided into vertical pin tooth, cross pin tooth, Komatsu excavator, Carter excavator, Daewoo excavator, Kobelco excavator, etc., rotary digging teeth and V series tooth. The tooth is ductile iron, tooth The emperor is cast steel, the gums are manganese steel plates, the corner knives are also manganese steel, and the main material of the bucket is the general ship steel plate. The ear connecting the arm is cast steel. Therefore, there is still a particular emphasis on the choice of raw materials.

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