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Caterpillar bucket teeth pins manufacturer's classification of science buckets

hits:2141    date:2019-08-24

  When it comes to the classification of excavator buckets, caterpillar bucket teeth pins makers know best, because after all, they are manufacturers of excavator components, and they still know about excavators. In fact, the excavator bucket is the most important part of the excavator. The classification of the bucket can be classified as such.

bucket tooth pin

  Caterpillar bucket teeth pins manufacturers tell you that general excavator buckets can be divided into four types: positive shovel, back shovel, grab, and shovel according to their mechanical action principles. The excavator bucket is hinged at the end of the stick and driven by the cylinder. The digging force is from bottom to top during the operation, and the excavation trajectory is often curved. The Shandong Zhongyun Group bucket is mainly suitable for excavating the sand above the stop surface. Gravel, coal mine and other operations.

  Caterpillar bucket teeth pins manufacturer If you classify the bucket according to the material supplier, you can divide it into: standard bucket, reinforcement bucket and rock bucket bucket material. Environmental configuration and performance standard bucket. Domestic high-quality alloy steel Q345 is suitable for general clay and pine. Excavation of soil and loading of sand, soil, gravel, etc., lighter working environment, standard plate thickness. Domestic high-quality toothed seat reinforcement bucket vulnerable parts tooth seat plate and side blade plate material selection of domestic high-quality high-strength wear-resistant steel NM360 is suitable for mining hard soil or gravel, gravel loading and other heavy-duty operations mixed with soft gravel The board is thicker.

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