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bucket tooth pin manufacturer Think that the tooth will be invalid is inevitable

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  The tooth is a very important part of the excavator. The function is very important. It is the direct function of the excavator. Once the tooth is in trouble, the whole excavator will not work properly. Therefore, as bucket tooth pin manufacturer, it is necessary to have a high professional ability to ensure the optimization of the design and production of the tooth.

bucket tooth pin

  As a professional bucket tooth pin manufacturer, there must be a very good understanding of the teeth, not only how to design the teeth, know how to produce in order to ensure the quality of the teeth, but also very well understand the application of the teeth. For example, with regard to the application of the tooth, the manufacturer knows that although the design is optimized and the tooth quality is excellent, the application performance can be greatly optimized. However, the tooth failure is inevitable and can slow down the time, but it cannot Completely avoided.

  The reason why bucket tooth pin manufacturer think that the tooth will be invalid is inevitable, mainly because this part is faced with very harsh working conditions when it is used, especially when the material is hard rock, concrete, etc., the friction will be caused. Very big. The result of this process's repeated action is that it will produce different degrees of surface wear on the tooth working surface, which will result in a furrow with a deeper depth. In the long run, the tooth wear will naturally fail.

  In addition, bucket tooth pin manufacturer is also very clear, the positive pressure of the front working surface of the tooth is obviously larger than the rear working surface, generally the wear of the front working surface is more serious. According to such wear performance, it can be judged that the positive pressure and the friction force are the teeth. The main external mechanical factors of failure play a major role in the process of failure.

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