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Bofor bucket tooth pin Manufacturers know that high manganese steel bucket teeth are prone to problems when heated after welding

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  As far as the structure of the excavator is concerned, not only the main structure is composed of multiple parts, but each part plays a very important role. There are also many parts in the structure, and many parts are very important, such as Bofor bucket tooth pin A very important feature is a very critical component. Because of the key role, manufacturers have relatively high requirements in the design and production of such components, so manufacturers must be very familiar with the relevant parts.

bucket tooth pin

  Because it is engaged in the production of Bofor bucket tooth pin, this kind of parts related to the tooth, so the manufacturer must understand the tooth is very full, for example, know that the high manganese steel tooth is easy to have problems during heating after welding, clearly if it is To make the teeth of this type of material, it is necessary to solve the problem of heating after welding in production.

  Bofor bucket tooth pin Manufacturers know that when high-manganese steel is heated after welding or welding, carbides will be precipitated to different extents in a section of the heat affected zone of the weld, and may be transformed into martensite, not only changing the material. It is brittle and reduces its abrasion resistance and impact toughness. Moreover, the longer the residence time in the temperature range in which the carbides are easily precipitated in the heat-affected zone, the more carbides are precipitated, which is disadvantageous to the quality of the teeth.

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