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caterpillar bucket teeth pins Manufacturer believes it is necessary to replace the tooth in time

hits:2229    date:2019-09-23

  For applications such as excavators, which require relatively high special operation equipment, even a small part plays a very important function. Therefore, in order to optimize the application of such equipment, it is not only to optimize the selection equipment, but also to replace it. Pay attention to optimization options when using some accessories, such as caterpillar bucket teeth pins. Because the brand is really good in both design and production, it works very well.

bucket tooth pin

  However, as far as the application of the excavator is concerned, it is not enough to select only the high-quality accessories with good application effects. caterpillar bucket teeth pins Manufacturers also remind users that it is also necessary to change the teeth in time. When the tip end portion of the tooth is worn more seriously, the force required for the excavator to cut in during the excavation work is inevitably greatly increased, thereby generating greater fuel consumption and affecting work efficiency.

  Therefore, the caterpillar bucket teeth pins manufacturer advises the user to pay attention to the daily inspection during the process of using the excavator. When the tooth loss is found to be serious, try to replace the new tooth in time, otherwise the damage of the tooth and other components will be intensified. This will not only affect the performance of the excavator, but also shorten its life, especially shorten the life of many accessories.

  caterpillar bucket teeth pins Manufacturers remind everyone to pay attention to the timely replacement of the teeth when using the excavator, not only to protect the tooth needle, but also to protect the tooth pin and many other components, of course, the most important thing is to ensure that the excavator can always play A good mining function.

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