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Protection komatsu bucket teeth pins advise users to pay attention to keep the teeth sharp

hits:2288    date:2019-09-22

  On the basis of confirming that all aspects of use can be met, and the variety and specifications are appropriate, we recommend that you choose komatsu bucket teeth pins, because the brand's products are not only of good quality, but also of very scientific design and excellent performance. However, even if the quality and design of the component itself is very good, you need to pay attention to optimizing the use to ensure that it performs very well in the application.

bucket tooth pin

  The most important and basic point of optimizing the use of komatsu bucket teeth pins is to require the user to pay attention to the protection of the components in the application, to avoid unnecessary damage, and to ensure that the components have a stable structure. Because only the structural structure of the component is stable and there is no change, it can always play a long role, and its function will have a great impact on the use of the entire excavator.

  To protect komatsu bucket teeth pins, it is very important to remind the user to keep the teeth sharp. Because if the tooth is worn, the digging function of the excavator will be reduced, so that the teeth on both sides are prone to wear, which will cause some adverse effects on a series of components used in the tooth, especially the tooth pin is easily aggravated. damage.

  Therefore, if you want to protect komatsu bucket teeth pins, you are advised to keep the teeth sharp and optimize the digging function to reduce the adverse effects on the tooth pins in daily use.

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