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Manufacturers must ensure that bucket tooth pin design is appropriate

hits:2124    date:2019-09-21

  Although from the structure of the entire excavator equipment, bucket tooth pin is not conspicuous, but in fact its role is very critical, has a great impact on the use of excavators. Therefore, it is necessary to remind all manufacturers in the production of excavators not only to optimize the main structural design of the equipment, but also to optimize the design of this part, especially to ensure proper design of the parts.

bucket tooth pin

  Among the excavators, bucket tooth pin is an important part of the link tooth and bucket. The condition of the excavator is often poor, which will cause the component to be subjected to a large external force during use. In this case, if the component is not properly designed and is not scientific and reasonable, it is prone to bending or fracture. . In short, it means that improper design will cause bucket tooth pin to be vulnerable and unable to function reliably, which will affect the efficiency of the excavator.

  In view of this, it is very necessary for manufacturers to pay attention to the optimization design bucket tooth pin, to ensure that this important component design is very scientific, with excellent quality and optimized structure, can be stably functioned in the application, so the work efficiency of the excavator is well guaranteed.

  In the case of bucket tooth pin optimized structural design, it can greatly promote the function of optimizing the tooth part, which will enable the whole excavator to exert a good digging function in use, thereby promoting the equipment in Functionally achieved excellent performance to achieve optimized applications.

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