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Be sure to buy excavator segment bolt with enough stiffness

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  excavator segment boltMainly played in the application is a fixed role, want to have a good performance in the role, we must ensure that the parts are always in a very tight state. In order to meet this requirement, it is necessary not only to prevent the parts from loosening during use, but also to ensure that the purchased parts have sufficient rigidity and are guaranteed in many aspects.

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  Everyone is required to ensure that the purchased excavator segment bolt has sufficient rigidity because the bolt must be in a stable and stable state to function normally, otherwise it will adversely affect the function and safety of the excavator. As far as the bolt can maintain a stable and stable structure for a long time, it has a great connection with its own rigidity. When the bolt is subjected to axial variable load, the smaller the stress variation is, the smaller the possibility of fatigue fracture of the bolt and the higher the reliability of the connection under the condition that the tightening force is constant. When the working tension is constant, the stress variation width can be reduced by reducing the bolt stiffness;

  When the rigidity of the connected member and the bolt stiffness are constant, the working tension is increased by increasing the pre-tightening force, and the stress variation width can also be reduced. Only by taking effective measures to ensure the rigidity of excavator segment bolt, can we have basic guarantees in its functional reliability.

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