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Pay attention to prevention in the application excavator segment bolt loosening

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  Although excavator segment bolt is just an accessory, it is not the main structure of the excavator, but its impact on the excavator is also very huge. For such components, we must not ignore them. It is necessary to pay attention to frequent inspections during use, especially to prevent loose parts and keep them in good condition, so as to promote the optimization of the excavator.

bucket tooth pin

  Remind everyone that in the process of applying the excavator, the prevention excavator segment bolt loosening occurs because many reasons may cause the bolt to loosen and need to be controlled from all aspects at the same time, in order to control this problem. Otherwise, if you do not pay attention to this problem, and do not pay attention to the state of the parts frequently, it may be because the parts are too loose, which has a great adverse effect on the function performance of the excavator, and even serious safety accidents may occur.

  It can be seen that in order to ensure the function and application safety of the excavator, it is very necessary for everyone to pay attention to the prevention excavator segment bolt looseness in the application. In order to effectively prevent the loose parts, it is necessary to know that the stiffness, vibration, threaded structure, pre-tightening force, materials, etc. may cause the bolts to loosen. It is clear that these will cause the bolts to loosen, so that you can know what measures can be taken. Prevention excavator segment bolt loosening.

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