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Main raw material of the teeth pin is the high manganese steel material

hits:3412    date:2015-10-28

  In current condition and in our domestic market, the most common raw material, which can be used to produce the almost digger machines’ bucket tooth pin is the high manganese material, bucket tooth pin professional supplier said the high manganese steel material belongs to one kind of the resistance abrasion material, which had a very long application time. Besides, among all of the chemical contents, the content of the manganese can be ten to fourteen percents, but the carbon content is only one point four percent, so this is also the reason why the high manganese bucket tooth pin has an excellent resistance wearing ability.

  But the bucket tooth pin supplier attention the common people that to ensure the abrasion resistance performance of the high manganese bucket tooth pin is very excellent, they need to ensure the working condition is fully of strong impact effect, only with this way, it can has a better Abrasion resistance ability.

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