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Extend bucket tooth pin Life users should pay attention to the excavator driving method

hits:2323    date:2019-07-06

  In order to ensure that the excavator can always function well in the application and reduce the application cost of the excavator, the user must pay attention to the optimization from the whole to the detail, not only to protect the main structure of the equipment, but also to protect the accessories such as bucket tooth pin .

  In terms of bucket tooth pin protection, it is inseparable from the use of excavators. Users need to pay attention to driving methods, optimize the use of excavators, and operate according to requirements in driving, to reduce the adverse effects, and to ensure that the accessories are well protected. Regarding the driving method of the excavator, the key point is to remind the user to pay attention to the utilization of the tooth in the driving aspect of the excavator and to operate the tooth in strict accordance with the requirements. For example, when lifting the boom, try not to collect the bucket. In this operation, pay special attention to the coordination of the movement to prevent the tooth from being damaged.

  By paying attention to the driving method of the excavator, it is ensured that the tooth is well protected, and the tooth is prevented from being unnecessarily damaged, thereby protecting the bucket tooth pin used in the tooth, thereby effectively extending the life of the accessory.

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