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Protection bucket tooth pin requires the user to pay attention to the timely replacement of the teeth

hits:2222    date:2019-07-05

  The use of equipment such as excavators not only requires the user to protect the main structure of the equipment, preventing accidental damage, to reduce the occurrence of faults, and reduce equipment maintenance and maintenance costs. It is also necessary to pay attention to the protection of the bucket tooth pin and other accessories used in the equipment to avoid frequent damage to the accessories. Otherwise, it will not only delay the normal use of the equipment, but also increase the application cost.

  If you want to protect bucket tooth pin in your application, it is not particularly troublesome, but there are more things that need to be noticed by users. For example, the user is required to pay attention to the timely replacement of the teeth, and the protection of the accessories is promoted by maintaining the teeth in a good state. Avoid the adverse effects of daily use due to poor tooth status. It is necessary to know that when the tip end portion of the tooth is worn more seriously, the force required for the excavator to cut in during the excavation work is inevitably greatly increased, thereby generating greater fuel consumption and affecting work efficiency, so that bucket tooth pin is inevitably damaged and the life is long. Will be shortened.

  Therefore, in order to protect bucket tooth pin, remind the user to note, when it is checked that the tooth loss is more serious, it is necessary to replace the new tooth in time.

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