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Users should pay attention to choosing the right bucket tooth pin

hits:2185    date:2019-07-04

  For the entire excavator, bucket tooth pin is just a small accessory, not only inconspicuous, it does not seem to be the main structural part of the excavator. But this does not hinder its huge role. It can be said that it is a very important accessory for the entire excavator and plays a vital role.

  It is precisely because bucket tooth pin action is very important, so remind users to pay attention to ensure that they can achieve very good performance in the application, the most basic requirement is that users should pay attention to the selection of accessories, especially in order to ensure that the selected accessories have reliable quality. Also, pay attention to choosing the right accessories.

  In the process of use, it is necessary to look at the working environment to determine the specific type of tooth. If it is earth excavation, weathered sand, surface coal, etc., use flat head teeth; for hard rock with block shape, RC type tooth is needed; The coal seam is generally made of TL bucket teeth, because the TL bucket teeth can increase the coal yield rate. Different bucket teeth, the appropriate bucket tooth pin is necessarily different.

  In addition, even the same style of teeth, because of the size of the excavator, the different sizes of the teeth used, and bucket tooth pin different requirements on the specific size specifications.

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