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Replace bucket tooth pin need to use special tools

hits:2226    date:2019-07-03

  bucket tooth pin is an important accessory in the tooth. The tooth is a consumable part in the excavator and often needs to be replaced. If you want to replace the tooth, you must remove the accessory.

  As far as the disassembly of bucket tooth pin is concerned, it is difficult to operate, so it is necessary to pay attention to the use of special tools to facilitate the disassembly operation to improve the efficiency of disassembling the accessories and to avoid damage to the accessories during the disassembly process. Remind everyone to pay attention to this point, mainly considering that many times there is no special tool for the user to load and unload the tooth pin. Only use a small iron bar that is smaller than the accessory and then knock it in with a hammer. Although it can be operated in this way, because the distance between the tooth and the tooth is relatively small, it is inconvenient to load and unload bucket tooth pin hammering and knocking out with a hammer, so it is necessary to have a special tool to do this work well.

  Therefore, the user is reminded to pay attention to the use of special tools when replacing bucket tooth pin, in order to improve the operating efficiency, optimize the operation effect, to ensure that the relevant maintenance and repair processing can be completed in a relatively short period of time, let the excavator put into normal use as soon as possible. .

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