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Why do users need to disassemble frequently bucket tooth pin

hits:2485    date:2019-07-02

  Anyone who knows about the bucket tooth pin application knows that it needs to be disassembled at the processing factory. Not only does the assembly itself need to be disassembled and replaced when it is damaged, but often the accessories are not problematic and will need to be disassembled. So why do users need to disassemble this accessory often?

  The reason why users need to disassemble bucket tooth pin often is mainly because the parts are widely used in the joints of moving parts such as excavators, cranes, and grabs. For example, when the bucket is working, it will be used as a connection between the tooth and the tooth seat at the foremost end, so that foreign matter such as dust or sand can easily run into the gap between the tooth pin and the pin hole. In addition, the teeth of the excavator are wearing parts, which often need to be replaced. When replacing the teeth, it is necessary to disassemble bucket tooth pin. This will require frequent removal of the fittings due to the need to clean and replace the teeth.

  It is for these reasons that users often need to disassemble bucket tooth pin. Regarding the disassembly accessories, it is important to remind everyone to pay attention, because the presence of foreign objects makes the accessories difficult to disassemble, so it is necessary to pay attention to the selection of the tools for operation, otherwise it is difficult to disassemble the accessories.

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