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Installation bucket tooth pin is to be carried out in three steps

hits:2126    date:2019-06-22

  In use bucket tooth pin is also in the process of buying parts, but also to ensure that the components are installed properly to ensure an optimal installation.

  Installation bucket tooth pin generally takes three steps. The first step is to prepare, check the equipment and components, arrange the technicians, and prepare the equipment and tools to be installed. On the basis of everything is ready, you can do specific installation operations. Pay attention to the operation in strict accordance with the required steps, and check each step to see if it meets the requirements. After completing all installation operations as required, after installing bucket tooth pin to the corresponding position, check the structure of parts and teeth again to see if there are any abnormalities and ensure that the entire tooth is in normal condition.

  In summary, the installation of bucket tooth pin is to be divided into three steps of preparation, installation and inspection, to ensure that the three steps of the work, you can ensure that the components are installed.

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