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Installation bucket tooth pin must be fully prepared in advance

hits:2267    date:2019-06-20

  It is necessary to do a good job of bucket tooth pin purchase and installation before you can ensure that the components in the application can achieve very good performance while ensuring that the components have the ability to optimize the application and achieve optimal use. In terms of component installation work, I want to finish it very well, reminding everyone to prepare well in advance.

  Remind everyone to install bucket tooth pin to be fully prepared in advance, mainly considering the installation of components, will need to use some professional equipment tools, there are requirements on the hardware. The tool is not suitable, the installation operation cannot be performed normally, and the incomplete tools will affect the smooth progress of the installation work. This part needs to be installed on the equipment. This is in the scope of equipment maintenance and repair. It needs professional technicians to do it. It is not the user's own installation. This will require the user to arrange the parts before installing the parts.

  Therefore, the installation bucket tooth pin users should be fully prepared in advance, while also preparing the equipment tools to be used, but also pay attention to personnel arrangements.

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