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Shipping bucket tooth pin must protect it well

hits:2322    date:2019-06-16

  For the user, the bucket tooth pindamage in use needs to be replaced, which will delay the use of the device and cause some economic loss due to the need to purchase new parts. For the manufacturer, damage to the components will also cause damage to them, especially in the process of transporting damaged parts, the loss can only be borne by the manufacturer.

  Therefore, many manufacturers of manufacturing bucket tooth pin are reminded that the parts must be protected during transportation. The parts must not be damaged during transportation. Otherwise, the transaction cannot be completed, and the economic losses will be caused by the inability to continue selling.

  In order to protect bucket tooth pin during the transportation process, the most basic thing is to require the manufacturer to pay attention to the protection before leaving the factory. It is necessary to fully fix the components on the packaging to avoid collision with them during transportation. Some soft materials should also be used on the packaging to protect the components to cushion the external force and prevent the components from being damaged by external forces during transportation.

  In this way, bucket tooth pin protection will be carried out during the transportation process to ensure that the parts delivered to the user are still intact, the transaction can be completed normally, and the interests of the manufacturer can be guaranteed.

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