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Why do you want the user to ensure that the bucket tooth pin size is appropriate?

hits:2178    date:2019-06-08

  For components such as bucket tooth pin, it must be installed first, to ensure that the installation meets the requirements, to achieve a good installation effect, the performance achieved when using will be very good. Otherwise, once there is a problem with the installation, the state of the component is inevitably poor, so the performance will be bad when used.

  As far as the installation work of bucket tooth pin is concerned, it must be in accordance with the requirements of the size, suitable application, in order to complete normally. Otherwise, if the selected part size is not suitable, it must be hindered during installation. A slight dimensional error will result in the component being installed. The serious size problem will result in the component not being properly installed.

  In view of these circumstances, in order to ensure that the purchased bucket tooth pin can be installed and used normally, it is inconvenient to avoid the need to exchange due to problems in component installation. It is very necessary for the user to pay attention to the size selection according to the actual needs when purchasing the parts at the beginning, to ensure that the selected parts are of appropriate size.

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