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Customized bucket tooth pin Don't ignore the size

hits:2157    date:2019-06-06

  In order to ensure the proper application, it is ensured that the purchased bucket tooth pin can be installed and used normally to optimize the application of the whole device. Many users choose to customize the manufacturer when the parts are damaged and need to be replaced, instead of directly purchasing the finished parts.

  For those users who choose to make customized parts, it is very important to select the manufacturer and specify the specific requirements, especially to remind the users to pay attention to the size when customizing bucket tooth pin. It should be known that for component products, the application has strict requirements on the size. Once the component size is not suitable, problems will be encountered during installation, and the effect of use will be inferior. Parts that are severely inconsistent in size may also fail to be installed and used, which may cause great inconvenience to the user.

  Therefore, we must remind you that when you order bucket tooth pin, don't neglect the size, you must specify the specific requirements for the size of the parts, and fully inform the manufacturers of these requirements. In this way, the manufacturer can customize the parts for themselves, so as to ensure the reliability of the parts.

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