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In the use of bucket tooth pin, it is recommended that everyone pay attention to clean

hits:1699    date:2019-05-17

  Although the excavator is not very hygienic, the bucket tooth pin etc parts in the structure are not mandatory for cleaning. However, the mechanical application site and function type determine that many parts of it are easy to get dirty when used, especially when it is easy to attach a lot of dirt to the bucket part.

  However, although bucket tooth pin will inevitably become dirty quickly in use, it is recommended that you pay attention to the cleaning of this accessory and even the entire bucket. In this respect, it is considered that the bucket is easy to get dirty because it often touches the soil. When too much soil is attached, it does not benefit from the bucket action, which will reduce its functional performance. At the same time bucket tooth pin may be affected by a lot of dirty environment, subject to certain corrosion, etc., by cleaning, it is beneficial to protect the accessories.

  Therefore, whether it is to promote the bucket to play a good function, or to protect bucket tooth pin, it is recommended that everyone do a good job of cleaning the bucket.

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