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When using the excavator, pay attention to whether there is any problem with the bucket pin

hits:1129    date:2019-05-16

  Considering that bucket tooth pin is a very important accessory for the entire excavator, it is related to the function of the bucket, which will affect the use of the entire excavator. So remind everyone to pay attention to the use of excavators, always pay attention to observe the condition of this part of the accessories, see if there is a problem with the accessories.

  When using the excavator, pay attention to whether there is a problem with the bucket tooth pin part. First, you need to check the entire external structure of the fitting to see if there are cracks, missing parts, and some parts of the parts are free of leaks. If you find that there is a fault or problem on the outside of the accessory, you should take the correct method to solve it in time.

  In short, it must be ensured that the overall structure of bucket tooth pin is always intact, and will not be affected by its own structural damage, and the mechanical use effect will be well guaranteed.

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