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Check bucket tooth pin should clean it first

hits:1225    date:2019-05-15

  In the daily application of machines such as excavators and loaders, it is inevitable that one of the parts of this type of parts will be inspected. Through such inspection work to ensure that the accessories are abnormal, they are discovered and processed in time to ensure that the machine is always in good condition and can be used normally.

  Looking at the inspection work of bucket tooth pin, because it is often necessary to remove dirt and other dirty materials in daily use, the surface is often dirty, so remind everyone to clean up first, and then carefully check the status of the accessories. Only when the bucket is cleaned first, the accessories such as bucket tooth pin are directly exposed, and the specific state of the accessories can be easily observed when inspecting.

  Of course, it is not necessary to clean the bucket every time you check bucket tooth pin in daily use. The normal daily inspection roughly deals with the dirt of the bucket. You can see the accessories to see that they are not damaged.

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