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Daily use of excavators should pay attention to the status of bucket tooth pin

hits:1996    date:2019-05-13

  For the entire excavator, bucket tooth pin is not a part of the main structure, but it is also a very important accessory in its structure, which is directly related to the mechanical performance of the whole. Therefore, remind everyone to pay attention to the status of this accessory when using the excavator daily to ensure that it can be discovered in time when the accessory is abnormal.

  Before each use and after using the excavator, everyone should check the excavator from the outside. This check includes the inspection bucket tooth pin section. Of course, the daily inspection is not very responsible. Just look at the status of the accessories from the outside to see if it is intact and there is no hand-sweeping damage. The installation status is in line with the requirements.

  By paying attention to the state of bucket tooth pin during the daily use of the excavator, it is possible to effectively promote the excellent performance of the entire machine while ensuring that the state of this accessory is always normal.

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