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Working conditions of digger tooth pin has a very big changes and differences

hits:3324    date:2015-10-23

  As one of the professional bucket tooth pin manufacturer, we had find out a rule is that no matter which brands of the digger tooth pin products are, their current working conditions all has a very big changes and difference, bucket tooth pin manufacturer said the main reason is because with the different mine mountain, engineering working situations, even at the same mine mountain, its earth condition and hardness also has a very big difference, so bucket tooth pin manufacturer said the working condition of teeth pin is very even changing is reasonable.

  For example, if the digger object has a very high hardness, and the dimension of the material is very big, such as equal or bigger than five hundred kilograms, so the teeth pin would working in the foundation position and suffer a bigger loads, so the buckettooth pin manufacturer said this working condition is the worst working condition.

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