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It is best to replace the original bucket tooth pin with the machine

hits:2020    date:2019-05-10

  Only the original bucket tooth pin is more advantageous for the use of equipment such as excavators and loaders, and it can promote the good function of the machine in use, especially to avoid the bad condition in the parts. So remind everyone to pay attention to the original parts when the mechanical bucket tooth pindamage needs to be replaced.

  This will be mainly because the same manufacturer will have many different varieties and models, and accessories like this are designed and manufactured for specific models of machinery. It is necessary to match the model's accessories, which is suitable for use in the corresponding model equipment, in order to have basic guarantees in installation and use.

  Therefore, in order to select the bucket tooth pin for the most suitable application, it is ensured that the replacement parts can reach the initial state in the use effect, thereby promoting the mechanical performance of the machine, and it is naturally recommended that the user replace the original parts with the machine.

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