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different manufacturing material bucket tooth is suitable for different harden degree medium

hits:1096    date:2019-05-08

Professional China bucket tooth pin production supplier said the different manufacturing material is normal used for different harden degree medium, the main reason is due to only one simple manufacturing material bucket tooth can be normal used in any working conditions anymore, so according to different work medium to choose and select the China bucket tooth pin is reasonable.

Take advantage of wear resistance bead welding repair process, the total service life for China bucket tooth pin can improved at least three to four times, and the total bead welding costs is smaller than replace new bucket tooth costs too, even through the old China bucket tooth pin can be bead welding repair with several times, until the entity bucket tooth structure is scrap.

Under the harsh and hard working conditions, even through these new China bucket tooth pin surface also needs to provide the surface bead welding process first, which would maintain the better wear resistance capacity under large impact loads conditions, and normal used with long enough time.

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