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bucket tooth has play a can’t be neglect effect when insert into substances or during the moving process of painting material

hits:1145    date:2019-05-06

 As general, the China bucket tooth pin and excavator bucket tooth can be regard as the key for entirety excavate process, especially when control the excavator bucket tooth top to insert into the substances or during the moving process for painting material, which would play a cant been neglect effect, so the actual wear abrasion degree for finished China bucket tooth pin would direct the construction engineering quality and construction efficiency.

When control the bucket tooth to excavate these mine rocks, professional China bucket tooth pin production supplier said due to the effect t for force is relative, so there would exist the certain anti impact force, and produce the certain abrasion hurt to finished China bucket tooth pin and excavator bucket tooth.

During the material loading process, which needs bearing the certain bending torque and lead to damage lose phenomenon, besides, with the larger and larger bearing friction force on China bucket tooth pin bucket tooth top part within unit square, the final abrasion hurt would be more and more serious.

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