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bucket tooth would speed up wear abrasion hurt in these harsh working conditions

hits:1336    date:2019-03-17

 When make the mine mountain excavate work, the common manufacturing material for large dimension excavator China bucket tooth pin must be high manganese steel, the reason is due to finished excavator bucket tooth would face to speed up abrasion hurt under this harsh working conditions, especially when control the China bucket tooth pin to excavate these harden mine rocks, the abrasion damage hurt speed would be faster and faster, but lead to the bucket tooth has grinding bald phenomenon, then produce China bucket tooth pin lose efficiency phenomenon next, and the breakage phenomenon would appeared under more serious condition.

According to relative document research, the total amount for these large dimension excavator in our own country, which can be normal working is about two thousand to two thousand and five hundred unites, and the total economical lose, which produced by bucket tooth wear abrasion is about three million for each year.

But professional China bucket tooth pin production supplier said due to less carbon element content, these low alloy wear resistance material is not the very ideal manufacturing material for finished China bucket tooth pin.

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