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high chrome iron casting alloy has a better wear resistance property than high manganese steel material

hits:1279    date:2019-03-14

 According to relative research, we can find that compared with high manganese steel material, the wear resistance property for these high chrome casting iron alloy material is stronger, so professional China bucket tooth pin production supplier said no matter the manufacturing process for new China bucket tooth pin or the repair process for these old bucket tooth products, the high chrome iron alloy material must be the best choice, and the martensite iron casting alloy material is the second choice.

When repair these old China bucket tooth pin, professional China bucket tooth pin production supplier said users needs use the ethyne flame to flat cut off the old bucket tooth top part first, but leave the certain beveled edges; and the next step is use the austensite steel manganese welding rod to provide the relative treatment to these original state parts, but also needs make the bead welding treatment to old China bucket tooth pin surface too, which can be used to improve the wear anti capacity for these large dimension mine type excavator bucket tooth.

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