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Bucket tooth would easily produce plasticity deformation changes due to low yield strength

hits:1101    date:2019-03-12

 Under some special working conditions, these komatsu bucket teeth pins would easily suffer the certain damage hurt with different degree, but lead to entirety bucket tooth lose efficiency, just analyse from the stress force bearing condition, we can find the working surface for komatsu bucket teeth pins needs direct contact with needed excavate substances, and just because of the different working state, the actual excavator bucket tooth stress force bearing state would be different during entirety excavate process.

If the excavate speed is too fast, due to the tooth top part for komatsu bucket teeth pins is first contact with needed excavate material surface, but face to the strong impact force, and the komatsu bucket teeth pins top part would easily has the plasticity deformation changes due to lower yield strength.

Along with the enhance of excavate depth, the komatsu bucket teeth pins stress bearing condition would be changed too, but both of the bucket tooth and material would make the relative movement, which would produce a large extrusion force on their surface.

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