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On the basis of the operating manual to operating the digger machine

hits:2914    date:2015-10-19

  Same with the other industrial production machines and equipment, the digger machine also need the operators operating it with the right way, because the wrong operating method can cause the digger machine has a bad abrasion damages, especially of the caterpillar bucket teeth pins part, so writer attention that if the production and economic conditions allows, before normal operating the digger machine, the production manufacturers can provide the professional train to all of the operators first, to ensure they can use the right way to operating the digger machine.

  For example, the operator need fully improve the operating guide of the caterpillar bucket teeth pins, and on the basis of the operating manual to right operating the digger machine, the other important point is that they also need according to the actual implementation situation of the mine working condition to enact a new operating manual and ensure all of the operators can has one piece of the new operating manual, then ask them to detailed learn and test them later.

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