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Why tooth pin casting piece has the air hole?

hits:3256    date:2015-10-15

  after all of the normal production procedures, but the production manufacturers find that on the construction of the ESCO bucket tooth pin has form some small air holes, writer attention that these air holes belongs to the virulence air hole and the form condition is that the total pressure of the gas is bigger than the sum of the total pressure of quiet, pressure and the resistance. To ensure all of the customers can deeply understanding this knowledge, the professional ESCO bucket tooth pin production manufacturer will give a detailed explain in the next article:

  Generally speaking, the total pressure of gas means the gas interface pressure of the casting working piece’ surface, which had to connect with the liquid metal; the total pressure of quiet pressure is produced by liquid metal, which produced in the inner of the casting mold; the total pressure of resistance is produced by the resistance force, when the gas insert into the inside of the liquid metal.

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