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Why teeth pin can’t has the fully forming result?

hits:3432    date:2015-10-13

  During the pressure casting period, bucket tooth pin manufacturer said there are two types causes the teeth pin can’t been fully forming, such as the teeth pin is incomplete or the double cavity are not fully forming. bucket tooth pin manufacturer said because the double cavity can’t be form into the two parts at the same time, so it only can forming out a whole part, or two parts, but all of these two parts are all can’t fully forming.

  buckettooth pin manufacturer also attention that the common position of the incomplete problem happen is on the teeth cavity position, and the normal condition is the working pieces are not very fully. So buckettooth pin manufacturer attention that if the double cavity can’t be fully forming, but the buckettooth pin manufacturer need to ensure one of them can be fully forming, or it will costs the materials’ waste problem.

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