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Detailed explain about the segment bolt

hits:2964    date:2015-10-12

  Generally speaking, the excavator segment bolt is belongs to one kind of the special thread connection working piece, and the main role of the excavator segment bolt is to fix the pipeline road or support bracket on the wall, flour , column or the other position. The main contents of the excavator segment bolt can be divided into five different contents, they are the socket head bolt, the expand tube, the flat washer, the spring washer and the hex head nuts. According to the different uses, we can divided the grade of the excavator segment bolt into five different types, people can according to their actual needs to choose.

  To fully meet up with the customers needs and requirement, production manufacturer can provide the different raw materials to produce the excavator segment bolt products, include the common normal carbon steels, but also include the stainless steel material, such as 304 and 316 stainless steel.

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