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With the worse abrasion damages, the dimension of physical shape would smaller

hits:2867    date:2015-10-11

  As the professional wheel loader tooth pin production manufacturer, we had to attention the common people that if the wheel loader tooth pin had been used for a long time and it began has some abrasion damages on its bucket tip position, then with the abrasion damage become worse, the physical shape of the bucket lip would become smaller and smaller, even though people choose to install one new wheel loader tooth pin, this new teeth pin would also very easy to has the loosen problem.

  So if the wheel loader tooth pin can’t fully match with the electric digger machine, and the other different reasons causes the inside cavity of the wheel loader tooth pin can’t be fully match with the design dimension of the original production manufacturer, so after the assemble, the wheel loader tooth pin would easy to loose and cause the rubber belt easy to broken.

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